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TrolleyMug Advantages

With the patient in mind:

Customized menu offering delicious hot beverages prepared there and then.

Time saving for the staff:

No prior preparation, reduced cleaning time.


No waste of beverage - automatic dose settings - up to 15% saving compared to jug-dispensing.


Can be used coupled with a breakfast trolley or not

Easy to clean:

Patented motorless mixing system


- Trays

- Jugs

- Bowls, cups

Ward beverages trolley TrolleyMug

Mobile Hot Beverages Dispenser

Designed to enable service right to the door, TrolleyMug can be used on its own or coupled with a breakfast trolley. With its three blend containers and a 12 litres hot water tank, it is operated by batteries and allows automatic dispensing of coffee, white coffee, hot milk, hot chocolate and hot water in cups, bowls or small jugs. A kit is also available for dispensing soups. Water filling is fast and automatic via a coupling to the mains water supply. When not in use, TrolleyMug is connected to the electricity supply and always ready for use. It can easily cleaned and replenished, ready to go.

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