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TrolleyServe Advantages

Large capacity:

2 x 8 levels GN1/1

Ergonomic design:

Picking shelf, jug rack option


Large handle


Easy to clean surfaces, optional doors


- Trays

- Jugs

- Bowls, cups

Ward Beverages Trolley TrolleyServe

TrolleyServe - Breakfast/Products Trolley

Eagerly awaited by patients and residents, breakfast should be served still lovely and warm in the room. Food options can be hot & cold, beverages or solids. Designed to adapt to various preparation and distribution methods, TrolleyServe is a user-friendly trolley with a top shelf and high capacity when coupled with gastronorm storage containers. (50 trays or more). TrolleyServe can be coupled with the mobile beverage dispenser TrolleyMug.

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